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I just remembered how hilarious it was to watch this shit on national television.


Reason 3284739567346762306 why I love Julie Andrews.


Hi! Are you taking Olicity prompts right now? Because I want one too, please! Established Olicity goes to one of Oliver's friends party and somebody spills a bottle )or like a massive glass) of some kind of liquid on her relaxed fitting dress (Probably like Oliver's ex, intentionally) and it becomes wet in seconds and the aftermath of it. Thank you very much! (If your are not taking prompts and just filling the old ones, please, ignore this message!) xoxo


"Do I really have to go with you Oliver?" Felicity asked from behind the door of her bathroom as she was getting dressed.

"Yes." He said simply pulling his T-shirt over his head. "What are you putting on? It’s a barbecue I hope you remember." He walked up to the door.

They have been invited by one of Oliver’s old friends. He just moved back to Starling City and was making a party to get to know some people and see some old as well.

At first Oliver didn’t want to come there was too much going on with his company and with the Arrow stuff but Diggle convinced him both him and Felicity needed some time away from their crazy life.

They could for once just be normal couple enjoying a party and not worrying about someone attacking them.

So after his friend assured him he and Roy had everything covered Oliver called Nathan and told him he and his fiance would come.

"It’s a casual dress." Felicity said opening the door. She sounded a little bit annoyed with Oliver and his lack of belief in her.

He looked at her from her toes to her head and smiled. “I approve.” He leaned and kissed her.

"Of course you do." She laughed shortly.

Her dress had a zipper at the front, an easy access in any situation and that’s what Oliver love the most in that dress.

"Seriously Oliver can’t you go alone I am not sure I am up for a party with rich spoiled people." She whined as she looked up at him.

"I am rich and spoiled." He grinned at her as he zipped the rest of her dress.

She shook her head biting her lip. “You are nothing like them.” She put her hands around his neck.

"Oh really?" He asked teasing her with his lips slightly brushing hers.

"Yes." She smiled before she pulled him for a deep kiss. "Alright let’s go before I change my mind." She grabbed his hand and they left the apartment.


It turned out the party wasn’t that bad. She met Nathan and he was a really funny guy and despite all the rumors she heard about him he didn’t hit on her.

Other guys tried though but anytime someone became too friendly Oliver appeared by her side making everyone understood who she was here with.

She was really enjoying herself talking with one of the guys girlfriend and drinking some beer after all it was a grill so there was no wine when she some girl stumbled and her drink landed on her dress.

"Upps!" She heard a female voice who caused this accident.

Felicity raised her eyebrows and looked at the woman. She saw a light smirk on her face and realized this wasn’t an accident she did it on purpose.

"Hmmm it’s fine." The blonde IT didn’t want to make scenes as she was a guest in that house and there was no reason to start a fight.

"Melissa you did that on purpose!" The girl that Felicity talked before said slightly outrage.

Felicity looked closely and then something snapped. This was the same girl that was hitting on Oliver 10 mins ago before she put a stop on it dragging him to dance with her.

"Ohh that’s you." Felicity nodded as she put a smile on her face. "I could have guessed that." She took a napkin to dry her dress but it was already all wet.

"You think you can come here parade with an engagement ring and think you are better than us." Melissa crossed her arms and gave her judgmental look.

Felicity was surprised by her words as she never thought to come across as someone better than anyone else. She just wanted to have fun and it wasn’t her fault that she happen to have a man that every girl wanted by her side.

"Is this about Oliver?" She raised her eyebrow.

"What is going on?" Her fiance came hearing his name. "What happened to your dress?" He looked at Felicity and than at Melissa.

"We had a little misunderstanding but it’s okay." She put her hand on his chest.

He didn’t seem to be convinced by her so he turned to Melissa. “You did this?” The anger was slowly growing inside of him as he clenched his fist.

"Oliver…" Felicity grabbed his hand. "I need help in the bathroom come on." She pulled him towards her but it took Oliver few seconds to follow her as he gave Melissa last angry glare.

Felicity knew he would never do anything physical to his ex girlfriend but they both didn’t need any drama in their life so it was better to escape the little mess.

"Hey relax" Felicity said sliding her hand up and down his arm as they made their way to the bathroom.

"I am fine." He said breathing deeply. She knew he went into his protective mode but it was a little bit ridiculous.

"Oliver" She placed her hand on his cheek and turned his face to hers. "It’s just some jealous ex gf and this is just a dress." She smiled at him. "No one is trying to kill me." She cocked her head cutely.

Oliver closed his eyes taking a deep breath and relaxing under Felicity’s calm touch. He opened his eyes and looked at her. “I know, I know.” He put his hands on her waist. “I can’t help the need to protect you.”

Felicity smiled widely. “From your crazy ex’s?” She laughed. “I can handle them.” She winked at him.

She stepped away and went for some towels to dry the dress. “This is useless.” She sighed as she knew nothing good was coming out of it.

Oliver walked to her and wrapped his arms around her from behind. “You are sticky.” He kissed her shoulder.

"You don’t say." She cocked her head to look at him. "I need to get out of it." Her bit trapped between her lips distracted Oliver as the spark appeared in his eye.

"Not here!" She scolded her fiance punching his stomach with her elbow.

He chuckled. “Alright, alright.” He leaned to whisper into her ear. “Let me get you home then, I want to drag this dress from you with my teeth.” He teased her leaving a soft kiss under her ear.

Felicity let out a rushed breath as she felt his body against her.

"Come on!" She grabbed his hand and almost run out of the bathroom making Oliver laugh loud.

While heading out she saw Melissa and winked at her and yanked Oliver for a quick hard kiss marking her territory. What was hers was hers and no ex could take that away from her.

Olicity prompt: Olicity + Felicity wearing Roy's red hoodie. "Why are you looking at me like that?"


Roy and Felicity burst through the doors of the foundry, entirely soaked from the heavy downpour.

Teeth chattering and shoes squeaking, they descend the stairs, Felicity gripping onto the railing for dear life as her heels are slippery from the rain. Roy grabs her hand by the wrist and helps her down the stairs.

Jesus,” he says, setting the bag of takeout down on the table and rubbing his arms. “It’s freezing down here.”

Felicity kicks off her shoes and goes over to turn the heat up, leaving a trail of water on the floor behind her. “It shouldn’t take long before this place is warm and toasty,” she tells him. She stays as far away as possible away from her computers, choosing to huddle on the floor near the cot instead.

"Where are the extra clothes we keep down here for emergencies?" Roy asks, peeling off his wet clothing.

"Under the stairs," she says. "Check the bins."  He finds his black tank top and a pair of jeans in the bin labeled as his, dressing quickly before grabbing a muscle tee and a pair of yoga pants from hers and bringing them over to her.

She opens her mouth to speak, but her teeth are chattering too much to form any words.

"Go put these on. Don’t worry, I won’t peek."

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